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Iranians mark birthday anniversary of Imam Hassan (PBUH)

Published: April 18, 2022 


Iran marks the birth anniversary of the 2nd Imam of Shia Muslims Imam Hassan (Peace Be Upon Him). Iranians observe this auspicious occasion throughout the country.

Heartiest congratulations on a very special occasion in this blessed month of fasting. Today is the 15th of Ramadan, the day Prophet Mohammad (S) became a grandfather for the first time.

Imam Hassan [PBUH], ‘leader of youth in Heaven’

Imam Hassan (PBUH) was born in the year 624 CE. His grandfather Prophet Muhammad (S) slaughtered a ram for the poor on the occasion of his birth and chose the name “Al-Hasan” for him. On this blessed occasion when in the year 3 AH, Hazrat Fatemeh Zahra and Imam Ali (Peace Be Upon Them) became proud parents of a radiant son. Hence, we present our dear readers an exclusive feature on the Prophet’s 2nd Infallible Heir, whose relinquishing of the caliphate through a masterstroke of peace ripped the veil of hypocrisy from the face of his avowed enemy.

Imam Hassan (PBUH) the Leader of the youth in Heaven was born in the holy city of Medina on the 15th of Ramadan the third year after Hijrah. He was one of the two persons to whom the progeny of the Holy Prophet of Islam (S) was limited. He was one of the four persons through whom the Holy Prophet of Islam (S) made the contest of prayer (Mubahila) with the Christians of Najran.

He was one of the five persons whom the Holy Prophet of Islam (S) covered with his cloak. He was one of the twelve Imams whose obedience Allah made incumbent on the people. He was among those who were purified from sins as the Qur’an says. He was among those whose love Allah made the reward for the divine mission of Islam and he was among those whom the Apostle of Allah made one of the two valuable things (Thaqalayn). Thus, whoever cleaves to them does not go astray. The Holy Prophet of Islam (S) loved him and asked Allah to love those who love him.

Imam Hassan (PBUH) the Second Holy Imam of the Shi’ites in the world was Divinely gifted with all great qualities to such an extent that he was outstanding in knowledge, tolerance, intelligence, bounty and velour.

On the happy and auspicious occasion of the Birthday Anniversary of Imam Hasan (PBUH), once again, we extend our heartiest greetings and warm felicitations to the 1800 million-strong Muslim Ummah across the globe.

The Prophet on the commandment of God Almighty names his grandson “Hasan” which means “Excellent” and is Arabic for Shabar, who was the firstborn of Aaron, the brother of Prophet Moses (PBUH). As he grew up he greatly resembled the Prophet and along with his younger brother, Imam Hussein (PBUH), was hailed by the grandfather as Leader of the Youth of Paradise. Another famous statement from the Prophet says: “These (grand)sons of mine are Imams (that is, Leaders), whether they rise or (decide to) sit.”

The Prophet, who had foretold the tragedy of Karbala and how Imam Hussein (PBUH), would rise against an openly Godless tyrant in order to save Islam by giving his lifeblood, had also said that his elder grandson, Imam Hassan (PBUH), would unmask the hypocrisy of an ungodly charlatan, by giving away political rule of a vast realm, in order to save the Ummah from unwarranted bloodshed and discord. Today the 15th of Ramadhan, the birth anniversary of Imam Hasan (AS), makes us recall his “Great Sacrifice” in relinquishing the reins of the caliphate for the acquisition of which his archenemy Mu’awiyah ibn Abu Sufyan had resorted to every lie and deceit, including shedding of Muslim blood and spreading of sins in society. Imam Hasan (AS), whose spiritual authority was God-given and far above any election, selection, nomination and defection of masses, thus showed the worthlessness of the dubious institution of the caliphate that had its beginnings in the scandalous gathering of Saqifa Bani Sa’da in Medina where his father’s divine-right of political leadership was usurped, and for which in the coming generations every vicious power-hungry ruler would stake a claim, plunging Muslims into wars, bloodshed, and misery. This masterstroke of peace by Imam Hassan (PBUH) not only saved Islam and its ethereal teachings from any defilement but ensured till the end of the world the prime position of the Prophet’s Ahl al-Bayt as the barometers of faith.

Imam Hassan Mojtaba (PBUH) is a picture of piety, worship, humbleness, bravery, and magnanimity. His most prominent characteristic was generosity. It is said that he never rejected a requester. When asked why he did not excuse himself from giving to others, Imam Hassan (PBUH) answered, “I myself am a beseecher in the Divine Court, so how can I turn down the request of those who approach me.

In 40 AH, following the martyrdom of his father, Imam Ali (PBUH) while engrossed in prayer in the mosque of Kufa in this blessed month of Ramadan, Imam Hassan (PBUH) became caliph of a realm that extended from Central Asia to North Africa and which now includes over twenty countries. It was a critical period in Islamic history, as Mu’awiyah the rebellious governor of Syria was deceiving the people of Iraq with bribes. Imam Hassan (PBUH) aware of the flimsy faith of the Kufans, who could not be counted to rally to his defense if the need for military confrontation arose, decided to unmask hypocrisy by relinquishing the caliphate.

This is how Imam Hassan (PBUH) addressed the Kufans in a speech that has been preserved to this day as a testament to his right and truthful nature while exposing at the same time the falsehood of Mu’awiya and all those imposters who styled themselves as caliphs in history. No doubt, Islam will forever remain indebted to the Infallible Progeny of Prophet Mohammad (S), whom God describes as Repositories of Divine Knowledge in the holy Qur’an, and whose mission was to safeguard Islam and humanitarian values, as per the needs of the times, whether through foregoing their rights, or foregoing their life as well – as Imam Hussein (PBUH) did at Karbala. Moreover, Imam Hassan (PBUH), as the divinely decreed heir of the Prophet and Imam Ali (PBUH), was aware that civil war would provide the Byzantine or Eastern Roman Empire, with a chance to attack Palestine and occupy Bayt al-Moqaddas. In view of these undeniable facts, Imam Hassan (PBUH) indeed made a uniquely wise move to save Islam and Muslims.

Mehr news agency staff and management express their heartfelt felicitations to all Muslims across the world on the birth anniversary of Imam Hassan (PBUH) /MNA/