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Schools at International Level

Published: March 7, 2021 


Two thousand Vatican-run special schools have been operating around the world for the past 120 years. Someone has written in his autography that he started studying at the Indonesian branch of the Don Bosco Catholic School when he was 6 years old and in spite of coming from a Muslim family he converted to Christianity under the influence of the teachings he received in that school. This person is no one but Barack Hussein Obama!

There is another person who says that he was a student at the Don Bosco Catholic School in Argentina at the age of 16 and because of the teachings he received there he became more pious and got interested in religious education. And that person is none other than Pope Francis, the current Pope!

The Don Bosco International Chain Schools have educated and trained about fifty prime ministers, presidents, ministers, and popes, and very little research has been conducted on these schools! But quite a number of research works have been done on neutral international schools such as Green Schools or Waldorf!

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