May 10, 2024


Iranian companies win ASPA Awards 2019

Published: November 25, 2019 


Two Iranian companies managed to win the Asian Science Park Association (ASPA) Awards 2019.

The winners were announced during the 23rd ASPA Annual Conference held in Taiwan on November 11-13.

Arya Nanoseez, affiliated to Fars province’s Science and Technology Park, which is the largest biotechnological and nano-technological center in the country, won the ASPA Award.

Behin Ab-e Zendehrood, a knowledge-based company in Isfahan, ranked second in the Asian Science Park Association international competition, IRIB news agency reported on Saturday.

ASPA is an international nongovernmental organization established in Japan in 1997 for the purpose of accomplishing the joint development in the fields of scientific technology, industry and economy in the Asian region.

ASPA has been trying to present a new paradigm for Asian industry and build economic consensus in Asia by bringing innovative organizations, companies and individuals together that make contributions to industrial and economic development in their societies.

Innovative organizations such as research parks, business incubation centers, universities, academic institutions and venture companies in Asian region participate in a competition and outstanding enterprises are nominated by ASPA organization members to be awarded.

The awarded companies have various opportunities to publicize their companies and products through ASPA activities and publications. / T.T/