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“Reza” named best at Asian Film Festival Barcelona

Published: November 13, 2019 


Iranian director Alireza Motamedi’s film “Reza” was crowned best in the official section of the 7th Asian Film Festival Barcelona (AFFBCN) in the Spanish city on Sunday.

The film tells the story of a divorced man named Reza who is trying to adapt to his new life after a divorce while he finds a new romance.

Iranian director Shahram Mokri received the best director award for his film “Invasion” in the Discoveries section, while the screenplay award in the Panorama section went to Iranian writer and director Ruhollah Hejazi for his movie “The Dark Room”.

“Invasion” is about Saman who has been murdered and the police are investigating in a club, the scene of the crime. They have arrested Ali as the murder suspect and are trying to uncover the method used in the murder. However, the case becomes quite complicated and the friends of the murdered person are not very cooperative.

“The Dark Room” is about Haleh and Farhad, who together with their 5-year-old son, Amir, have recently moved into a new complex. Amir is lost in the desert in front of the complex, however, his parents quickly find him. Later, Amir tells his father that someone has seen his body and this makes Farhad very upset, so he goes looking for a suspect who has sexually abused his little boy.

A lineup of 14 Iranian films, including “Orduckly” by Behruz Gharibpur, “Pastarioni” by Soheil Movaffaq, “Sheeple” by Hooman Seyyedi, “First Autograph for Rana” by Ali Zhakan and “Footwork” by Mazdak Mirabedini, were also screened in the various sections of the festival.

“Wild Jonquils” by Rahbar Qanbari, “Divorce Me Because of the Cats” by Mohammad-Ali Sajjadi, “Here” by Hadi Mohaqqeq, “Yeva” by Anahid Abad, “Astigmatism” by Majidreza Mostafavi and “Orange Days” by Arash Lahuti were also among the films. /T.T/