October 21, 2019


Historical City of Yazd, Iran ( Video )

Published: July 31, 2019 


The Historical City of Yazd has been inscribed to the UNESCO World Heritage because of its vastness, adobe-made tissue, cohesiveness, keeping its historical authenticity, using local materials in construction, consumption of the least amount of energy in construction of adobe buildings, and perfect conformity with the tough climate of the desert. One of the first adobe cities in the world, Yazd is located in the centre of the Iranian Plateau, near the Silk Road.

Yazd has managed to avoid modernization, which has been a main cause for the destruction of many old cities in the world. It has been able to preserve its water supply system of qanats, houses, bazaar, and traditional baths. Features such as the city landscape, wind towers, domes, passages, sunshades, religious centers, water reservoirs altogether make this city a unique collection. Having a number of Zoroastrian temples, the Muslim city of Yazd is considered as city of tolerance and indulgence.