April 10, 2024


Iran produces anti-fog coating by nanotech

Published: October 18, 2018 


Iranian researchers produced an anti-fog glass-coating product via nanotechnology.When fogging occurs, thousands of tiny water droplets condense on glass and other surfaces. The droplets scatter light in random patterns, causing the surfaces to become translucent or foggy. This often occurs when a cold surface suddenly comes into contact with warm, moist air.

Iranian researchers produced a new coating via nanotechnology which prevents this process from occurring.

Fogged-up eyeglasses, helmet visors, camera lenses, skiing goggles, bathroom mirrors, shower screens, windshields will soon be a thing of the past; a new Iranian product will ensure better visibility in glassy things.

Fogged eyewear is a real pain and can be dangerous. Steaming on glasses in different places is one of the problems most people face.

Iranian researchers have used nanotechnology to produce anti-fogging coatings which prevent glassy surfaces from fogging or steaming up.

This product has a high shelf-life of up to 9 times of fogging up and has a self-cleansing nature.

The coating prevents fogging by attracting the water droplets and reducing their contact angles with the surface. As a result, the droplets merge into a uniform, transparent sheet rather than forming countless individual light-scattering spheres. /MNA /