June 13, 2024


Navy Flotilla Docks at Tanzania Port

Published: March 6, 2016 


An Iranian Navy fleet has docked at Tanzania’s Port city of Dar es Salaam in line with the Islamic Republic’s strategy of expanding its naval presence in the high seas. The flotilla, comprising of Shahid Naqdi, Lavan and Bushehr warships, berthed at the African port on Tuesday as part of Iranian naval forces’ training program, Press TV reported. Speaking to reporters, Ambassador in Dar es Salaam Mehdi Aqa-Jafari said the visit is aimed at conveying the Iranian nation’s message of peace and friendship to East African countries, particularly Tanzania.

The envoy added that the flotilla’s four-day stay indicates good relations between the two countries and their keenness to improve cooperation, particularly in defense. Aqa-Jafari emphasized that Iran’s strong presence in the north and west of the Indian Ocean is in line with the country’s plans to help improve international peace and security.

“The Islamic Republic of Iran’s close relations with African countries play an important role in maintaining stability and security as well as safe and secure shipping in the region,” he said.